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  • Wheel & Tire Cleaner

    Shiny Car uses the same great Wheel and Tire cleaner products used in our Soft Touch and Touch Free Wash bays. Applied using our high pressure applicator.

  • Pre Soak

    Shiny Car’s Pre Soak is soap that gets that dirt and grim or salt and bugs off your vehicle quickly and easily. Applied using our high pressure applicator.

  • Foam Brush

    Shiny Car’s Foam Brush has a its own foaming brush applicator to get heavy salt and grim on lower fenders and skirts. Most use while their vehicle is Pre Soaking.

  • Rain X

    Rain X is one of Shiny Car’s most popular branded polishes and for good reason it works! Rain X repels rain and snow which means less washing your vehicle.

  • High Pressure Soap

    High Pressure Soap is a 600/1 soap for those quick clean up jobs that don’t require Pre Soaking. Most use this as a final rinse of their vehicle.

  • High Pressure Rinse

    Our High Pressure Rinse uses 1100 PSI to remove heavy dirt, snow and grime. Especially useful if for removing large ice and mud build up on your vehicle.

  • Clear Coat Protectant

    Shiny Car uses the top of the line, industry leading Blue Coral brand of protectants and polishes, adding a protective layer to your vehicle’s clear coat.

  • Blow Dry

    Our Blow Dryer gets you and your vehicle on the road faster and safer without having to worry about your vehicle locks freezing or after wash spots.

  • Spot Free Rinse

    Shiny Car’s Spot Free Rinse is the final application you give your vehicle before heading out on the road with you new clean car and prevents spots.


20 Minutes, 40 Seconds

4 Minute Bonus!


9 Minutes, 20 Seconds

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5 Minutes