Shiny Car has been dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for our customers since 1993.

  • A local leader in car washing, Shiny Car has brought the most advanced technology to the Fox Cities. Always offering cutting edge services that are proven to be the most effective and efficient, others follow many years later.
  • Shiny Car is always ahead of the game when it comes to offering the best services to its customers. Customer Service has always been will continue our corner stone.
  • Shiny Car is one of the only automatic carwashes in the nation that offers attended business hours. Our customers expect this from Shiny Car and we are happy to provide our expert services.
  • Try Shiny Car and we guarantee your satisfaction, ask one of our many customers about why Shiny Car is the best in the Valley.
Is washing my vehicle at home better for the environment?

  • Washing your vehicle at home can be damaging to the environment by use of excessive water and chemicals. Water and other chemical based products used to wash your vehicle at home runs off into the storm drain system. Which can effect our lakes, streams, and rivers.
  • Shiny Car uses an advanced reclaim system to reintroduce water into our local system, preventing pollution and keeping our environment clean. This investment is part of Shiny Car’s dedication to our community and a great reason to choose Shiny Car!

When washing my vehicle at home, why does the finish look dull?

  • The University of Texas completed a study that shows that a single home wash can leave scratches on your vehicles finish as deep as 1/10th of the paint’s total thickness. Hand washing with chemicals not specific to car washing, like dish soap, can and will damage your finish.
  • Hand washing applies uneven pressure totaling up to 100 pounds of force, damaging your vehicles finish.
  • Shiny Car uses even pressure car wash technology and scratch resistant neoprene on our soft touch mini tunnel among other advanced services to ensure we provide an effective wash with 0 concern of vehicle damage.
What is oxidation?

  • Oxidation is the “damaging” and “drying out” of your vehicle’s paint caused by atmospheric conditions. When the pigment in the paint on yoru vehicle drys out, it starts to fade or have a dull look. When you infrequently wash your vehicle paint and clear coat deteriorates and eventually leads to rust.
  • The best way to prevent oxidation is to consistently wash your vehicle using a clear coat such as Shiny Car’s advanced Rain-x formula offered on our most advanced and popular wash ShinE Car!
You should wash your vehicle when its dirty, regardless of whether it is before or after rain. Vehicles clear coat and paint can hold dirt particles that often go unnoticed and can mix with rain water causing stiff “cement like” surfaces. This can cause scratches and paint problems, rain can not remove this from your vehicles surface.

  • When it rains its the perfect time to protect your vehicle’s finish. Pollutants such as sulfuric and nitric acids from automobile, truck, and factory exhausts become trapped in the raindrops or snow flakes that settle on your vehicle. Even after a rain storm, evaporating rainwater, often taking the appearance of spots on your vehicles surface. These spots can leave concentrated acid that can damage your vehicle’s finish.
  • Acid rain can harm your vehicles surface and leads to rust over time. When rain or snow falls it can capture environmental pollutants from factory, automobile, and truck exhausts. the water has a low pH (acidic level). The sun heats and evaporates the water and leaves behind concentrated acid spots that are very difficult to remove. The best way to prevent vehicle spots is to wash frequently with Shiny Car, our unlimited program provides the best way to ensure your vehicle stays spot free snow, rain or shine!
Wash your vehicle as often as it becomes dirty. Some of our customers wash their vehicles every day, in fact they are part of our ShinE Car Unlimited carwash program. Our unlimited program offer the best value for maintaining your vehicle in unpredictable seasonal weather.

  • Generally its a good idea to wash your vehicle once per week or more depending on how often you drive and if your vehicle is parked outside regularly.
  • For many people their vehicle is their second largest investment, after their home. It makes sense to protect it from the elements. Even if you plan to sell your vehicle, maintaining its clear coat and paint will increase its resale or trade in value significantly.
This has been a question by many of Shiny Car’s customers and the best way to answer it requires the customers method of washing. Shiny Car’s carwash systems provide a non embracive high pressure wash cycle to ensure no damage to your vehicles surface, meaning its completely safe to wash your vehicle as often as you like.

  • Most vehicle manuals suggest frequent professional car washes because clear-coat treatments and protective polishes protect your vehicle from the damaging effects of weather or UV rays. Frequent washing is actually good for your vehicle.
  • This is especially important for road salt build up that occurs during the winter seasons and bug and bird debris that occurs in the spring though fall. Shiny car offers a salt buster and bug buster seasonal carwash treatments that remove salt and bugs from your vehicles surface, one of the most important ways to keep your vehicles surface maintained.
No, because most full service carwashes use hand wash methods to wash your vehicle. Shiny Car’s staff is comprised of family that has owned and operated since 1993 and very specific staff that is highly trained to know exactly what to look for when it comes to providing excellent service and professional expertise.

  • Hand washing used by a majority of full service carwashes can damage your vehicle. In fact Shiny Car has many dedicated customers who converted from the full service carwashes to Shiny Car because they experienced vehicle damage or other related issues. Full service carwashes use similar chemicals found at your local convenient stores which can lead to surface dullness over time. Hand washing by its nature causes uneven pressure to your vehicles surface and can cause vehicle damage. Full service carwashes use towels that may appear clean but still cause micro-abrasion your vehicles surface because its nearly impossible to clean towels and even more difficult for their staff to evenly hand dry your vehicle.
  • Shiny Car provides the most advanced carwash technology in the Fox Cities, making use of non abrasion carwash systems that wash your vehicle effectively and efficiency without vehicle damage. Compared to full service and other automatic carwashes, the choice is simple, choose Shiny Car for the only regularly attended automatic carwash and you’ll see why so many customers have chosen us since 1993.
Tree sap, bugs, and bird droppings are your vehicles worst enemies. They assault your vehicle day and night and stick like glue. Shiny Car has the best solution to these difficult to remove surface debris by offering a seasonal bug buster that also removes sap and bird droppings.

  • Bugs, sap and bird droppings need to be removed gently and quickly or they may damage your paint. Some bugs will eat into your paint, and tree sap will harden like concrete and damage the paint. Tar and certain oils used on roads require extremely strong solvents to remove.
  • Shiny Car uses the necessary ingredients to remove all of these damaging elements with our bug buster wash options.


The ShinE Car & Value Unlimited provides unlimited car washes billed monthly.
Unlimited plans can be used at either of our automatic carwash bays, limited to one wash per day.

  • Unlimited plans include Soft Touch mini tunnel or Touch Free automatic.
  • Soft Touch automatic is open daily 8am to 6pm or as weather permits and bay is operational.
  • Touch Free automatic is open 24/7 all days of the year or as weather permits and bay is operational.
ShinE Car Unlimited Plan subscribers receive Shiny Car’s top wash (ShinE Car).

  • ShinE Car Unlimited can be used on both wash bays and automatically receive all of the benefits of “ShinE Car”, the most advanced carwash option.
  • ShinE Car Unlimited subscribers have the option of receiving a free vacuum token weekly.
  • Unlimited subscribers benefit by having access to the Soft Touch mini tunnel which washes vehicles up to three times faster than conventional wash bays.
  • Unlimited subscribers benefit by using the Touch Free wash bay, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Value Unlimited Plan subscribers receive Shiny Car’s (Shiny Value) wash.

  • Value Unlimited can be used on both wash bays and automatically receive all of the benefits of “Shiny Value”, carwash option.
  • Unlimited subscribers benefit by having access to the Soft Touch mini tunnel which washes vehicles up to three times faster than conventional wash bays.
  • Unlimited subscribers benefit by using the Touch Free wash bay, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
After purchasing one of our unlimited plans a carwash attach will attach a Fast Pass RFID tag to the inside of your windshield.

  • Shiny Car’s pay stations located directly in front of our touch free and soft touch automatic wash bays will automatically identify your vehicle without the need to roll down your window.
  • Wash your vehicle as often as your like 24 hours, 7 days a week, once per day.
  • Your billed on the day of original purchase each month, auto billed to your credit card.
Shiny Car’s Unlimited plans offer Family bundle discounts per vehicle added to your primary plan.

  • Each vehicle added to our family plan offers a 10% off discount, per vehicle, up to 3.
  • RFID tags are attached to each vehicle on the plan, plans require the same credit card billed at the same original purchase date as the original unlimited plan holder.
Shiny Car offers several ways of managing your Unlimited Plan, in store, at one of our auto pay stations and online at our customer portal.

  • Shiny Car’s customer portal allows you to maintain your Unlimited plan by replacing expiring or declined cards.
  • See your billing history (recharge date) or suspend your Unlimited plan.
  • Shiny Car’s online portal also allows you to manage your gift cards all with one account.
Gift cards offered by Shiny Car are reloadable and can be recharged online, in store or at one of our auto pay stations. visit our customer portal, to manage your gift card or unlimited plan.

  • Gift cards can be used at the auto pay stations after hours without the help of a carwash attendant.
  • Gift cards can be pre loaded with specific dollar amounts or pre loaded washes.
  • Gift cards act as a customer loyalty identifier allowing your to receive discounts or free washes with continued use.

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